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Status of Residence
Change of Status of Residence

A foreigner residing in Japan who wishes to have his or her status of residence changed (e.g. when a foreign student gets employed in Japan after graduation) shall apply for the change of status of residence.
However, the change from the short-term stay into other status, unless it is unavoidable, is not allowed in principle.
Extension of Period of Stay

A foreigner residing in Japan who wishes to have his or her period of stay extended without changing the status of residence shall apply for the extension of such period. If he or she overstays without the procedure, even for a day, it is an illegal stay.
Certificate of Eligibility

A Certificate of Eligibility is issued before a visa application as evidence that the purpose for which the foreigner wishes to enter Japan falls under the category of Status of Residence.
It has the advantages of reducing the time required to obtain a visa and of facilitating immigration procedures.
Note that Certificates of Eligibility expire after three months and they are not issued for short-term stay and permanent residence.
Certificate of Authorized Employmen

A Certificate of Authorized Employment is issued as evidence that the foreigner residing in Japan is permitted to engage in profit-making operations and paid activities. It is effective especially when he or she changes jobs.